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Competition Information

The Englewood Camera Club holds monthly and annual photography contests.
More information on our competitions can be found in our Membership Information (PDF) document.

Club Competition PDF Documents Online
    Blank Competition Entry Form
    Blank Year-End Print Entry Form
    Blank Year-End Versatility Print Entry Form
    Competition Subject Definitions
    Membership Information

Monthly Assigned Subjects for 2019 - Competition Subject Definitions
January Open and PSA Creative
February Open and PSA Open
March Around the House and PSA Creative
April Open or Stretch: Taken with your Mobile Phone, and PSA Open
May Nature
June Shadows
July Open or Stretch: Bridge(s)
August Night
September Open or Stretch: Transportation Detail and PSA Open
October Long Exposure and PSA Creative
November Open or Stretch: Reflection(s) and PSA Open

Versatility Assigned Subjects for 2019
  1. A Single Flower
  2. Backlighting
  3. Fruit
  4. Large Animal or Animals (over 70 pounds, no pets)
  5. The Color Magenta