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Charter Members

From the Club constitution and By-laws
Article IX - Charter Members
Section 1.

The initial organization date of the club was February 1952. All members on record as of that date constitute charter members of the club.

Following is a list of the Charter Members: Mr. & Mrs. M. Buckner
Mr. & Mrs. E. Burnett
Mr. & Mrs. W. Bury
Miss Loretta Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hall
Mr. G. Hastings
Miss Esther Hodge
Mr. L. Hodge
Mrs. Ken King
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Woodman

"Looking Back" (1995)

by Kathryn Koehler and Margaret Bandi
(Note: This article was written in 1995 so references to meeting locations and activities are not current)

The Englewood Camera Club is now 43 years old, years in which hundreds of people in a revolving membership, have learned, enjoyed the company of friends and colleagues, and contributed to the purpose and needs of the organization in a multitude of ways. Fred Luhman's records show that the Englewood Camera Club was organized on February 19, 1952; there were 29 members. The earliest revision of the Constitution and By-laws currently available is dated February 1962. Neith Williamson was chairman of the committee; other committee members were Alma Dow, Ernie Crose and Larry Karlin. The most recent revision was approved April 1993.

The senior members in tenure are Kathryn Koehler who joined the club in 1960, John and Mildred Campbell who became members the next year and Margaret Bandli who followed in 1963. Selwyn Hewitt, now an honorary member, was a leader of the Club from the 50's. There are currently 24 members, more than a third of whom have joined in the 1990's. Over the years the members have won many local, states and national awards. The Club has usually ranked high in state competitions and for most years has been in the top group of the Color Slide Division of the interclub competition of the Photographic Society of America.

For more than a decade, we had two meetings a month, the first being a program meeting and two weeks later a competition meeting. As is true now, there were two competition groups, one being for the more advanced photographers. For some years, we had three judges, each of whom had voting machine which would indicate the number of points each judge felt the photo should be given, 1 through 5; occasionally a photo would receive 15 points, a perfect score. During the 1960's, we changed to one meeting a month, combining both programs and competition. The focus of the programs is educational; we also learn from each other, from other judges' instructive comments and from meetings and seminars of affiliated groups.

At each meeting there are 4 categories of competition: black and white and color prints, regular and advanced slides. There are assigned subjects for five competitions each year. At the year-end competition, a category is added for nature slides.

Beginning in 1978, we instituted a challenging versatility competition in honor of one of our deceased leaders, Charles Major.

Five subjects are assigned that will show versatility in photographic ability, one slide in each subject. The slides place according to total score for the group of five.

The Englewood Camera Club has had many different meeting places over the years; several banks in Englewood, one in Littleton, one on Federal Blvd. in Denver, Public Service Company buildings, one near Kipling and Hampden and the other in Littleton. As time went on, it became increasingly difficult to find rent-free meeting places. We are now fortunate to meet in the Littleton Public Library.

The Club is a member of the Colorado Council of Camera Clubs and participants in the monthly and annual competitions in slides and prints, with very good success. Several members have been officers of the Council. Many of the members participate in the annual convention of the Council of Camera Clubs. The Club belongs to the Photographic Society of America and slides are entered in its competition five times a year.

Sometimes we have a picnic during the summer months and usually a photographic outing is arranged each year, by carpool or occasionally a bus and driver were engaged so we could all be together for the trip. We found many photographic opportunities in the old mountain towns, including Cripple Creek and Victor (1978), Georgetown and Silver Plume (1990), Central City and Black Hawk (1991). WInter trips to ski areas included Winter Park (1962), Eldora (1964), Breckenridge (1967) and Keystone (1973), photographing not only skiers but scenics, snow patterns and icicles. We explored Denver and vicinity at the ranches of members Eleanor Lewis and Stan and Fran Green, Red Rocks Park for flower photography, other nearby state and county parks, the Martin-Marietta plant which made the Titan missiles, the Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Gardens, downtown Denver, Elitch Gardens amusement park for night photography and the Littleton Historical Museum. Many of these excursions resulted in programs for subsequent Club meetings, combining the slides of members who participated. We look back fondly on the comradery and learning; that we shared on the these field trips.

Membership in the Englewood Camera Club has presented constant opportunities for growth in skill, knowledge and understanding. Photography is a continuing challenge. New ideas, new ways of exploring both the techniques and the art move us forward. Thirty years is not enough!