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Digital Projection

The Englewood Camera Club has a Calibrated Digital Projector - Epson 76C. To take full advantage displaying photos as digital projections, we have added information here on this page to help.

We have a PDF document that will help you setup your photos allowing them to be displayed with our Digital Projector at Englewood Camera Club. Click here to view document ecc digital projection 28feb22.pdf

In order to match an image on your monitor with the image projected on a screen, it is very important that you calibrate your monitor. It is recommended that one of the following calibration methods be used--in order of preference: 1. Calibration device, such as a colorimeter; 2. Adobe Gamma, a Photoshop feature (This may not work on an LCD monitor); 3. Visually to a target image, such as the one downloadable from this page. You can save this image by right clicking the image and selecting 'Save Picture As' in your web browser. Click here to view image pdi_target_ecc.jpg