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Colorado Council of Camera Clubs (CCCC) website

Approximately 10 Colorado Clubs in the Denver Metropolitan area are affiliated with CCCC.

The Council holds a monthly photo competition as part of its regular meeting. Each club may enter four prints, color or monochrome, and four color slides with no more than one entry from any individual, in two out of the three categories.

Club members are encouraged to attend CCCC meetings and to participate in its activities. An annual conference is held in the spring. Four issues of the Council bulletin, THE PHOTOGRAM, are published annually and sent to each club member.

This is a venue that allows you to become more widely known for your photography.

The Photographic Society of America (PSA)

PSA is a world-wide membership organization. Members may be clubs or individuals. Members receive a monthly journal containing news from around the society as well as “how-to” articles. Englewood Camera Club holds a membership in PSA and participates in the digital inter-club competitions.

Click on the image to visit the PSA Web site.